New recipes – money saving

Last week I bought Jamie Oliver’s new cook book “Save with Jamie” (I paid £12 in store at Tesco)
I chose recipes to make this week- Sunday was to be the “mother ship” roast beef, then Monday Korean fried rice using the left overs. Tonight was to be fish pie. (This is a pure coincidence that these are the three recipes he did on the first show last night!)

The roast beef was truly amazing. I’ve never really made gravy without good old bisto before, but honestly this gravy was better, you add blackcurrant jam and red wine vinegar 🙂

Last nights fried rice came out lovely too. I never usually stick 100% to savoury recipes as I like to use what I have in rather than buy more ingredients. So I made some substations.

Recipes can be found here

We just had mashed potatoes rather than roast on Sunday, and we used silverside not brisket – we have a freezer of cow! For the rice I didn’t add chilli sauce and used some mangetout instead of the cabbage.

The fish pie tonight came great, was really different from my traditional fish pie. And a great way to use up fish from the freezer, we used Coley that we got from someone who had been off fishing a few weeks ago, and no salmon.



Here are some snaps of the finished products, super tasty and purse friendly. I’m looking forward to trying more recipes from this super handy cookbook.

Happy Cooking

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