Salad inspiration

Hiya, often I post photos of my meals over on my instagram. A few people recently asked me if I had done a blog post about lunch ideas which I have not.. until now!

I am currently doing a bit of intermittent fasting, this is where you fast for 16 hours and then eat all your meals within an 8 hour window. I started it sort of accidentally, and then become intentional about implementing it and I have SO much more energy! It really staves off those sugar cravings too. Lunch is therefore my first meal of the day and I really look forward to it.

My lunch is usually always some kind of salad, I love prepping salad and the colours on the plate look so happy and bright.

Red pepper and cucumber are my top salad veg (fruit?) picks, a few spinach leaves or some lettuce. Not a fan of iceberg here. Also I do NOT like avocado. Guessing a few people will at this stage gasp, maybe you’ll close your browser.. Have to be honest with you though. I just do NOT like it!
Beetroot is really under rated in a salad, I love it.

However I do LOVE hummus, and I even once said I would never make my own hummus so you’ll have to watch my eat my own words. And my own hummus.
My “recipe” is basic, not sure what other people do – let me know what you like.
One can of chickpeas, drained but not REALLY drained.
A squirt of garlic puree. You could crush a clove for yourself.
Salt and pepper – don’t be shy here.
Tahini, maybe a tablespoon full.
A dribble of oil – olive or sesame.
Now for the next part you can add in whatever extra you like.
Sometimes I add a roasted red pepper, sometimes a sun blushed tomato, a teaspoon of hot sauce, some other strange condiment from the cupboard.. its very much up to you!

I’m not vegan or veggie – if you are, then you can probably stop reading right about here..

Meat or fish – for me this is almost always part of a meal. Prawns are probably my ultimate fave, if only they were not also the most expensive … I often keep left overs from the previous evenings meal. One thing I had the other day that was really good was some stuffing balls I had made! They had apricots in them and tasted so lovely cold the next day. Ham and chicken are faves too. You could do tuna, mackerel, or any left overs.

Really hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what is on your ultimate salad plate!

Hazel-Ann x